Test Drive Program

The “PCA Test Drive” Program – Membership in PCA requires ownership or lease of a Porsche or that they be in a Porsche-related business. PCA however does offer something for those actively trying to become Porsche owners. The PCA Test Drive program provides a six-month subscription to Porsche Panorama, the club’s national monthly magazine, and a temporary account to log on to the PCA.org website. The magazine provides news and feature stories covering all aspects of Porsche as well as technical articles that impart valuable information about Porsche cars. Crucially, the temporary website account gives online access to hundreds of Porsches for sale by PCA members in The Mart, which is also featured in every issue of Panorama. Although PCA Test Drive is not a full membership in PCA and does not entitle the subscriber to some member benefits (such as attending member-only events, voting, or becoming a member of a Region), Regions may welcome guests, and Test Drive subscribers are encouraged to contact their local PCA Region. PCA Regions are encouraged, but ultimately have the option, to include Test Drive subscribers in Region events. PCA Test Drive is $46 for a six-month subscription (renewable). The fee is non-refundable. However, if a Test Drive member (TDM) buys a Porsche, they can convert their Test Drive membership to a Primary membership for the remainder of a year. For example, in month 5 the TDM buys a Porsche and notifies the National Office. Their membership will be converted to Primary Member and their renewal date will be pushed out 7 months—to their original TDM anniversary date. PCA Juniors – The PCA Juniors program was started in 2017 as a program for children and teens under age 18. Any PCA member may register their child, grandchild, niece, or nephew at no cost. This is not a PCA membership program, as PCA Juniors are under 18. After being registered, PCA Juniors receive a welcome package that includes a PCA Juniors ID badge and an age-appropriate gift. Welcome boxes are sent directly from the National Office on a weekly basis. PCA members may sign up their child or teen at the PCA website at https://www.pca.org/pca-juniors. Also, using the PCA Region Leader Tools App, region officers can register PCA Juniors. In 2019, an exclusive sponsor of PCA Juniors offered Youth Judging at national events. A limited number of Youth Judging kits are set aside for zone and region events. Also for regions, PCA has developed a Treasure Hunt smartphone game that can be used at events. Regions are encouraged to engage young people by planning activities for children and teens at region events. To support this, an area is under development on PCA.org to provide resources and ideas to help regions engage young people. For more information, contact pcajuniors@pca.org.